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Get to know the device Roll massage Body Roll R5

The Body Roll IR device was developed to provide effective stimulation to the lymphatic circulation. Lymph is a fluid containing infection fighting white blood cells throughout the body. The proper functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to our bodies ability to drain fluids, detoxify, regenerate tissues, filter out toxins & foreign substances and maintain a healthy immune system.

Good lymphatic circulation will prevent lymph fluid from solidifying and binding with collagen fibres that are in fat cells. Roll massage improves your skins elasticity and its firmness. During the massage the body releases endorphins also know as the runner high. Endorphins are used internally as a pain killer; they give a strong sense of physical and mental relaxation. Lymph drainage massages can also reduce inflammation in the body that causes diseases such as arthritis.

The benefits of the Body Roll device
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Lymph, contrary to blood, does not have the organ that would pump it around the body (in case of the circulatory system the heart is such an organ). The passage of lymph depends on muscular movement. Through lymphatic vessels the primary lymph enters the lymph nodes, and is there filtered to remove viruses and bacteria. The purified lymph leaves the node through efferent vessels. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, this circulation is disrupted and slowed down.


The massage performed on the Body Roll device stimulates the lymphatic system to work, which in turn stimulates the organs’ demand for oxygen and nutrients.

An increase of the lymphatic vessels capacity stimulates the lymph’s circulation, which accelerates and facilitates the elimination of toxic substances and waste products from the body. Building substances and vitamins return into the bloodstream and toxins are excreted with urine. The nutrients delivered to the fat cells enable their faster burning and weight reduction.


  • cellulite reduction
  • reduction of stretch marks
  • loose skin reduction (after pregnancy, diets)
  • metabolism improvement
  • skin toning
  • circulation stimulation
  • fat breakdown
  • the lymphatic system circulation improvement
  • muscle strengthening
  • strengthening the body’s resistance to disease and infections

The use of Body Roll massage helps not only to support the body weight reduction, or metabolism improvement. It is also an excellent tool of post-traumatic rehabilitation. It prepares for sports training and eases the tension after significant physical strain.  After the first workout sessions with roll massage it is possible that you will feel the soreness in the muscles of most involved body parts. This effect proves the effectiveness of training, and at the next visit the discomfort will start to disappear, and the proper continuation of exercise will help to achieve your goal.


The circulatory system

  • accelerates blood and lymph circulation
  • capillaries are enlarged locally and the flow of fresh blood increses
  • helps with removal of waste products of metabolism
  • Improves tissue oxygenation and nutrition


  • improves oxygenation and nutrition
  • prevents from injuries
  • increases flexibility
  • accelerates regeneration after training
  • increases of decreases their tension


  • firms and tones the skin
  • eliminates or reduces adhesions
  • causes the mechanical breakdown of fatty tissue

The nervous system

  • gentle massage relaxes and soothes
  • strong massage stimulates
  • facilitates the conduction of nerve impulses
  • improves the superficial and deep feeling
Technical specification and more information

Learn more about this device and learn the technical details.

  • Modern design
  • The InfraRed and lymphatic drainage functions
  • High quality construction
  • Innovative Technology of Roll Massage
  • Low power consumption!
  • No need to hire any additional personnel
  • Clients who get visible effects return
  • A quick return on investment
  • Still little competition
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