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About Body Space Company

We have been manufacturing innovative fitness devices, which use InfraRed and vacuum for body shaping, for over 20 years now.

Moreover, we’ve created the Body Space brand that is recognisable both on the Polish market and all over the world. Currently, our products are used in more than 45 countries. Body Space is a proven way to create your own business.
What is Body Space?
Body Space is a fitness, wellness and beauty device that uses VacuTherm vacuum technology and InfraRed infrared light to accelerate and maximize the results of cardio training. Body Space Company is currently the manufacturer of the most effective cardio equipment. Our business concept allows you to supply gyms, fitness clubs, beauty salons and hotels with the latest equipment and professional advice on the sale of fitness services.
How does infrared technology work?
Our devices use therapeutic and sensitive InfraRed. It causes the improvement of blood circulation and results in the delivery of nutrients even to the smallest capillaries, which is necessary in order to activate regeneration processes in the skin. Furthermore, increased body temperature that results from the impact of InfraRed contributes to quicker and more effective fat burning.
how does infrared vacuum technology work?
Vacuum allows to achieve better blood supply to the subcutaneous tissues, which results in improved transportation of oxygen and faster metabolism in the areas of the accumulation of adipose tissue, where cellulite is formed. Applied vacuum is natural and free from negative side effects. An additional advantage of vacuum is multiplied physical effort, which allows to achieve effects in a shorter time.


Body Space

Open your own studio with Body Space devices with InfraRed and VacuTherm technology. It is the perfect equipment for gyms, fitness studios or premium hotels.

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Body Space

Open or equip your beauty salon with top-class devices for use on the face and body. Check out all our beauty devices and start earning by offering more treatments.

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Body Space

Create a body shaping center, combine training with InfraRed and Vacutherm technology with face and body treatments. Check out our fitness and beauty devices.

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