BodyCrio 2023

This devices is intended for the removal of fat cells via freezing, with a pre-heating system that enables even better treatment results.

The adipose tissue freezing procedure allows to reduce the number of its cells in the treated areas by approx. 20%-25%. As a result, fat cells are removed in the scope of natural metabolic processes. Moreover, the achieved results are long-term. 5 treatment heads with adjustable vacuum, designed for various body areas. Possibility to use two treatment heads at the same time. This device is easy to use.

The following functions can be adjusted:
Treatment time
Heating time
Heating temperature
Cooling temperature
2 cooling and heating programs
Vacuum intensity
3 vacuum programs



What is the maximum power consumption of Body Crio device?
Power supply: 220V 50-60Hz Power consumption: <500W
Full technical data of Body Crio
Screen: 10-inch colour touch screen
Cooling/heating temperature of the treatment heads: -9 – 45
Pressure of the treatment heads: 0-100 Kpa
Treatment heads: 5 pieces (100 x 1 pc, 150 x 2 pc, 200 x 1 pc, 300 x 1 pc)
Treatment time: 0 – 120 min
Heart rate monitor
Emergency stop switch
Body fat metre is included in the set
Dimensions: 58 x 67 x 137 cm