Body Sculpt

The principle of operation of the BodySculpt device is based on non-invasive electromagnetic wave technology characterised by high, but safe intensity, which reaches to a depth of 4-7 cm, while generating approx. 1000 muscle contractions per minute. It’s comparable to doing 30 000 sit-ups or squats in just 30 minutes, without the hard work and sweat.

Two heads for large muscle groups
Two profiled heads for smaller muscle groups
One large head for stimulation of the Kegel muscles, i.e. the pelvic floor muscles

It builds and strengthens muscles – muscle growth up to 16%. Muscle tissue rebuilds its structure – it produces new muscle fibres, increases both density and volume of muscles, which makes them larger, tighter and more visible. Regular exercises of the Kegel muscles using BodySculpt ELLA allow to improve their strength, as well as the ability to control the bladder and improve the quality of your sex life. Removal of fat – reduction of adipose tissue up to 19%. Intense muscle contraction generates a strong reaction in the scope of energy release, while causing adipocyte dysfunction and leading to natural apoptosis.

2 applicators for large muscle groups, i.e. abdomen, buttocks, thighs
2 applicators for smaller muscle groups, i.e. arms, calves
1 applicator for strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles

Four heads may work at the same time – each pair at a different intensity. Moreover, it is also possible to work with only one treatment head.

Building and strengthening of muscles

Reduction of body circumference

Reduction of cellulite

Silhouette modelling

Body Sculpt technology

Technology no. 1


The technology of cooling the heads using air provides the possibility of effective wok in a continuous system, without the need to take breaks between the treatments.

Technology no. 1


Electromagnetic wave reaches a depth of 4-7 cm and leads to the occurrence of extremely intense muscle contractions, which are impossible to achieve during physical exercises. These contractions last longer and they are much more intense, therefore our body is not able to trigger them or maintain them long enough on its own.

Technology no. 2


This technology is completely safe and non-invasive. Energy of the electromagnetic field interacts only with the muscle tissue, without affecting other tissues and internal organs. Proper pulse sequences oxygenate the muscle tissue and prevent the accumulation of lactic acid (sore muscles). As a result, no muscle pain is felt during and after the treatment. Moreover, the treatment session does not require any anaesthesia and it does not result in any discomfort.

Technology no. 1


Automatic exercise programs – specially designed sequences of electromagnetic pulses create specific programs intended for the client’s needs.Manual configuration of parameters – the possibility of creating a sequence of electromagnetic pulses on your own, which allows you to appropriately direct the treatment depending on the client’s individual needs.

Technology no. 3


This treatment does not require any special preparations. Moreover, it is carried out without the need for the client to remove his/her clothes. The treatment heads are fixed to the body using special straps, which are included in the set.

Technology no. 1


After commencement of the treatment and configuration of the parameters, the operator’s participation is limited only to supervision over the client’s feelings and – if necessary – adjustment of the parameters.



What is the maximum power consumption of Body Sculpt device?
Intensity: 1-7 Tesla
Frequency: 1-100Hz
Mains voltage: 230V AC 50/60Hz
Recommended mains protection: fuse C 25 A
EMS electrical stimulators
Electric current flows between the electrodes along the path of the least resistance. As a result, most of the energy is concentrated in the outer layers, and only some of the energy reaches the muscle area. Therefore, it causes a slight tingling sensation that turns into weak contractions. At least 20 treatments should be performed in order to achieve any effects. The treatment intensity is limited by pain and the risk of burns. It is necessary to use pulse-conducting preparations (gels, water-soaked underlay).
BodySculpt – high-intensity electromagnetic wave technology
It reaches very deeply and as a result, it enables the stimulation of entire groups of nerves, while causing the muscle to contract all over its cross-section.
Apoptosis of adipose tissue and supramaximal contractions, the intensity of which cannot be achieved with the use of physical exercises.
The effects after only 4 treatments.
High intensity of this treatment is very well tolerated.
These treatments do not require additional preparations.