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VacuTherm & InfraRed

Your customer will love it!

Recline Bike due to the characteristic lying position assumed during workout, constitutes an interesting alternative to other devices of this type that generate greater effort. Designed for: it’s mainly intended for people suffering from various diseases of the spine, joints and back pains.

30 min. training

Quick fat reduction

Cellulite killer

Smoother & toned skin

Effects of the VacuTherm Recline Bike training:

A response to the needs of a modern client – effective 30-minute burning.
We decided to combine cardio training with vacuum and InfraRed technology in order to activate all the processes necessary to burn fat, fight cellulite and firm your body.
It constitutes an undisputed advantage over traditional aerobic training!

Undisputed hit on the global market!

Quicker burning of calories
Slimmer silhouette
Cellulite elimination and clearly smoother and firmer skin
Elimination of a feeling of the so-called heavy legs
Acceleration of metabolism, improvement of physical shape
Strengthening of immunity



Vacuum allows to achieve better blood supply to the subcutaneous tissues, which results in improved transportation of oxygen and faster metabolism in the areas of the accumulation of adipose tissue, where cellulite is formed.

Applied vacuum is natural and free from negative side effects. An additional advantage of vacuum is multiplied physical effort, which allows to achieve effects in a shorter time.

50% faster calories burn!



Our devices use therapeutic and sensitive InfraRed. It causes the improvement of blood circulation and results in the delivery of nutrients even to the smallest capillaries, which is necessary in order to activate regeneration processes in the skin.

Furthermore, increased body temperature that results from the impact of InfraRed contributes to quicker and more effective fat burning.

Faster after workout regeneration!


What are the functions LCD touch screen display of Body Space Recline Bike?
Training time
Adjustment of resistance
Vacuum – 4 vacuum programs (0-30 mBar), with the possibility to turn it off completely
Lipo Drainage – vacuum modulation program
InfraRed – ON / OFF
What is the vacuum range of VacuTherm Recline Bike?
0 – 30 mBar
Power of InfraRed emitters and supply power of Body Space Recline Bike
InfraRed emitters
4 pieces x 100W

Power and supply power
1.5 kW
230V, 50Hz
What are the overall dimensions of horizontal bike?
Length: 250 cm
Width: 107 cm
Width after opening: 145 cm
Height after opening: 152 cm
What is the total weight and maximum mechanical load of Body Space Recline Bike?
Device weight: 106 kg

Mechanical load: 150 kg