Ultracontour 5D

It solves difficult aesthetic problems of the face and body in an effective manner. Moreover, this device stimulates the body’s natural repair processes in a non-invasive way. 5 leading technologies integrated in 4 treatment heads:

Head no. 1
Technologies: vacuum massage, bipolar radio waves, mechanical roller massage, InfraRed.
Area: thighs, buttocks, abdomen, waist, back

Head no. 2
Technologies: vacuum massage, bipolar radio waves, InfraRed. Area: shoulders, back, calves

Head no. 3
Technologies: vacuum massage, bipolar radio waves, InfraRed. Area: face, eyes, neck, cleavage

Head no. 4
Technologies: cavitation, vacuum. Area: abdomen, waist, back, thighs, buttocks

Body circumference reduction

Cellulite reduction

Silhouette modelling

Removal of wrinkles

5 types of technology

Technology no. 1


Radio wave intensity adjustment – allows to appropriately overheat tissues at various levels. Moreover, it stimulates fibroblasts in order to regenerate and produce new collagen, as well as elastin, and activates the lipolysis process.

Technology no. 2


The rollers move in various directions, while stimulating the tissues at different levels – this therapy is aimed at adipose tissue, cellulite or firming.

Technology no. 3


It is a combination of the technique of lymphatic drainage and vacuum massage. During the treatment, the head sucks the skin layer, and in result it creates a vacuum. This allows to improve the blood supply to adipose tissue, while reducing fat and cellulite. Moreover, it also significantly increases the depth of radio wave and InfraRed penetration.

Technology no. 4


It operates on shallow layers of the skin and results in a temperature increase in the tissues, therefore it allows to achieve faster cellular metabolism. Furthermore, InfraRed prepares the skin for a better flow of current and improved influence of radio wave.

Technology no. 5


Disruption of fat cell (adipocytes) membranes results in their permanent destruction. The applied vacuum sucks the folds and acts directly on the subcutaneous fatty tissue.



What is the maximum power consumption of Ultracontour device?
Maximum power consumption: 1200W
What are the dimensions of the Ultracontour device?
Depth: 65 cm
Width: 63 cm
Height 170 cm
Who is authorised to operate Ultracontour device?
Any person who underwent appropriate training.
How long does this treatment take? How long does it take to notice the effects?
Treatment length depends on the body area – approx. 30-60 minutes. A visible aesthetic improvement of the body is noticeable after each treatment. Clear results can be noticed after the completed series of treatments, while the final results usually appear after 1-2 months. Circumference of the thighs is reduced by approx. 1-5 cm, while circumference of the waist by approx. 2-6 cm (in most cases, a reduction amounting to 2-3 cm is achieved). Improvement in the scope of skin firmness is 50-75%.
What can be expected immediately after this treatment?
Due to the fact that remains of broken adipose tissue – formed during this treatment – must be removed from your body, an increase in the metabolic rate is noticeable after the treatment, which in turn is manifested by increased urine excretion.